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Best Cooling Weighted blanket for insomnia & anxiety in Canada

Best Cooling Weighted blanket for insomnia & anxiety in Canada | BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

When it comes to matters of sleep, there’s nothing like chances. You need the best comfort for physical and mental productivity the following day. And your beddings being at the center of it all, it pays to source the best quality from the market.  

From a 2020 study, weighted blankets have the potential to improve the rate of falling asleep, get quality sleep and have a relaxing day. As such, using a weighted blanket can positively impact your morning routine, day routine, and most importantly better night sleeping routine.

What’s more, the study revealed that both adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can also benefit from a weighted blanket.

So, when we’re talking about sleep, we can all agree that discomfort is the top enemy. It doesn’t just ruin your night but also the rest of your day when you wake up. In particular, higher body heat is a prime culprit when it comes to sleeping discomfort. It tends to provoke restlessness when you are sleeping making your following day a little tedious.

But don’t stress over this, because we are here to improve your situation. We have some of the best blankets in the market that provides a cool and comfortable environment for warm sleepers. Therefore, as a warm sleeper, you can try some of our blankets like the cool hand-woven weighted blanket. It has the potential to cool you and prevent sweating while still keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

As a warm sleeper who sweats intensely at night, a weighted blanket for comfort may seem like a farfetched idea, right. But it’s not; it all depends on your choice of the blanket. However, the extra pounds don’t affect your comfort, if anything; it improves the quality of your night's sleep.

Thus, as a warm sleeper, it’s important to pay close attention to key features of the weighted blanket. In this particular case, there are three key features to focus on if you want a cool weighted blanket with extreme comfort. If you prefer weighted blankets with heavy fabrics, try Fleece or Polyester. It has the quality your desire especially the texture of the fabric and extreme comfort at night.

And if you prefer natural fabrics, this could also work. We have breathable varieties that permit optimum air circulation. It’s also important to note that some of the weighted blankets can trigger intense heat when using them. And this is despite the even distribution of the weighted staffing.

Even worse, some of the staffing materials, for instance, plastic beads can negatively impact the environment. This adds more burdens to an already stressed planet. Therefore, we are focusing on plastic-free weighted blanket production to assist in tackling the issues affecting climatic change. Talking of that, Better Sleep products are all plastic-free. And this shows you how committed we are to championing a better planet.

The stuffing used in weighted blankets, especially anxiety blankets has a key role to play. They determine whether your night will be cool and comfortable or raging hot and inhospitable. But this is not something to worry about with our latest cool blankets. The cool hand-woven weighted blanket to be exact is the best pick if you want a warm nap/ cool sleep.

It’s crafted from extremely durable cotton fabric that’s organically sourced. And this makes it a superb choice for users who desire to remain cool and sweatless for entre night. With this blanket, your body can regulate the temperature comfortably at night promoting a comfortable sleep. Also, the organic cotton used as the fabric is tenderly soft and nimble even for sensitive skin.

Talking of the fabric properties, you can use this blanket for all seasons. It’s an excellent choice during summer when the room is hot and you need a cool environment. Likewise, it’s handy during winter when warm sleeping conditions are ideal for a comfortable night.

This new blanket comes in a unique style. It has an open design with generous loops that permit extreme air circulation promoting a cool and comfortable sleep. Besides the key purpose of comfort, these loops also play an aesthetic role. They can complement whichever place you lay this blanket on, whether it’s on the couch or bed.

So, if you want a comfortable sleep that’s sweat-free, try our cool hand-woven weighted blanket. It’s a breathable fabric blanket that works marvelously excluding the need for regular blankets. All thanks to the innovative design it comes with the weight are spread uniformly throughout the blanket. This means there’s free air circulation that enables you to enjoy a cool night's sleep without discomfort. It’s even more resourceful when you are sleeping in a warm environment or if you are a warm sleeper.

And don’t forget to visit our online store to get more information about our weighted blankets.

Owing to the elegant design of this blanket, you can use it to complement your living space. Throw it on your couch and wow your visitors with your new touch of style.  And if you always sweat heavily at night, it’s time to end this by getting this blanket.

Can’t sleep without your pajamas and socks? It’s time to set them aside thanks to our new hand-woven organic cotton blanket. It instills a cool and comfortable environment around you as you sleep at night.

Being a weighted blanket, it’s also great for physical therapy. According to Sleep Foundation, our blanket will help you if you have anxiety. Covering yourself with it reduces stress plus anxiety promoting peaceful sleep. Also, it’s important for nervous relaxation. It can calm hyperactivity, shortness of breath, and quick heart rate.

If your sleeping environment is extremely hot, don’t just get our cool hand-woven weighted blanket, you need a cooling mattress as well for extreme comfort. These two combined, your nights will feel shorter due to the greatest comfort you’ll receive. A cool mattress plus a cool blanket plus cool bedroom temperature is a recipe for comfortable nights.

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