BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

About us

Our mission

Our mission is to create sustainable, natural products that promote mental health. We always seek to minimize our environmental footprint, as it is important for us to maintain our responsibility to the environment. In addition, we believe that natural, drug-free solutions for mental health are more beneficial since they have no side effects. We chose weighted blankets as a product because they are a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety rather than sleeping pills and other harmful drugs.

Our discovery

Struggling to maintain a normal routine due to his insomnia led one of our founders to rethink their priorities and realize the importance of mental health.

This discovery remains the foundation of Better Sleep. It is the driving force behind all of our products and services. We wanted to remind people that the mind feeds the body like the roots feed a tree. If the roots are not watered daily, the stem weakens and the leaves stop growing.

Our story

Developed in 2018 by a team of people who struggle with insomnia, anxiety and depression, the Better Sleep blanket was created with quality, care and durability in mind to provide people with a great natural solution to insomnia and other mental health problems.

We wanted to create a brand that offers affordable and natural products that remind people to take care of their mind and soul on a daily basis. With that in mind, our founders began to design their first product, Better Sleep weighted Blanket. Our team tested and experienced the positive effects of weighted blankets on their sleep and anxiety. Thousands of Canadians people have subsequently adopted it.

Thank you for letting us be part of your dreams.

Because you are one of ours.