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Frequently Asked Questions

What size blanket is right for me and what weight should I choose ?

Better Sleep weighted blankets are available in many different sizes. We have based our sizes on the sizes of the mattresses to make it easier for you.

Weights range from 5 pounds for children to 30 pounds for adults. You will see the size and weight next to each item on our site.
You must choose a weight that corresponds to 7-12% of your body weight or the combined weight of you and your partner if you share your blanket.

You can also refer to our weight guide.

What are the benefits of having a Better Sleep weighted blanket ?

Can I share my blanket with someone ?

Will the Better Sleep blanket be warm enough in the winter? Will it be too warm in the summer ?

How do I wash my new blanket ?

How is your Better Sleep blanket different from other weighted blanket companies ?

What is the 60 Nights Trial Guarantee ?