BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

  • 100% Bamboo
  • Superb Fiber: Compared with bamboo-derived fiber blend, our cooling sheets are made of 100% Viscose made from bamboo without any other added ingredients, which is more secure.
  • Breathable: This sheet set will pull the moisture away from you, making it suitable for hot sleepers.
  • Cooling and Comfortable: Especially suitable for night sweats and pregnancy to enjoy a nice sleep in hot summer.
  • 16" Deep Pocket: A gripping all-around elastic band holds the sheet in place and brings you a perfectly restful sleep. The silky textured sheet set will add a luxurious feel to your home.
  • Easy to Care: Machine wash cold with a gentle cycle, using only non-chlorine bleach(if needed). Tumble dry low, cool iron as needed. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, you know there’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night trying to find a cool spot to fall asleep on, leaving you restless and sleep-deprived. It’s time to leave those long, hot nights behind and upgrade your bedding to our Better Sleep Cooling Sheets.

These sheets are integrated with cooling fibers that stay cooler, and longer, dissipating the heat for cooler and comfier sleep. Blending seamlessly with our sustainable bamboo-viscose fabric, these sheets work by increasing moisture absorbency and offsetting any external heat reactors. Cooling Performance Sheets make sleep easy, cool, and comfortable.

Sleep Comfier

Softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, you can’t get much softer than this. Specially weaved for luxury softness and extreme durability.

Sleep Cooler

Better Sleep Cooling sheets are a few degrees colder than other bamboo sheet sets. Helping you keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Sleep Cleaner

With an odor and allergy-resistant properties, Better Sleep bamboo sheets smell fresher and last longer than cotton sheets. Our sheets are easy to care for and are machine washable.

For The Hot Sleepers

For those who sleep hot, no matter the outside temperature, and want to feel like they’re breezy cool all night long, these cooling sheets are for you. Cooling sheets help mitigate nighttime temperature spikes, which can interfere with REM and slow-wave (or “deep”) sleep. Beyond the benefits of increased nighttime comfort, using a cooling sheet set can preserve the quality of this essential sleep stage. 

How It's Made 

The cooling fibers are interwoven with viscose from bamboo fibers to make a sheet fabric that’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and a few degrees colder than our already cooler, thermal-regulating bamboo sheet sets. 

How Cooling Sheets Work

Cooling sheets optimize one of our body’s most basic functions, thermoregulation, which regulates our body temperature to work in tandem with our circadian rhythm (internal clock) to help you sleep soundly from sundown to sunup.  The cooling-infused bamboo sheets work by increasing moisture absorbency and offsetting any external heat reactors. Moisture releases rapidly, cooling you down.

Safe & Sustainable

Bamboo is considered one of the best materials to combine with for cooling bed sheets. Not only do they feel luxuriously soft to sleep in, but they’re also naturally odor and allergy-resistant. When the cooling fibers combine with bamboo viscose, the bed sheet fabric becomes even cooler – a hybrid of the two. Bamboo itself is one of the most sustainable, renewable resources on the planet.

Returns & Warranty

  • Need to sleep on it? Of course, you do. How does 101 nights sound?
  • We stand by our product with a 2-year warranty that’s straightforward and uncomplicated.