BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

HELPS KIDS & ADULTS FEEL CALM: Research-backed therapeutic stress relief tool disguised as a cuddly plush friend. Developed with doctors & therapists to lower stress and anxiety and increase calm in kids, teens, or adults.

• EMOTIONAL SUPPORT TOOL: A secret weapon against stress. • SENSORY BENEFITS: Weighted pressure helps with focus, making Hugimals great study or work buddies. Extra-soft fabric provides a soothing tactile sensory experience.

• REMOVABLE WEIGHT, WASHABLE EXTERIOR: 4.5 lbs with weight distributed for full-body hugs! Weighted with non-toxic glass beads sewn into a secure inner body which is removable, allowing for washing of outer plush. Embroidered features. Tested safe for all ages; recommended for 2+.

• SELF-CARE FOR ALL: For kids, teens and adults. Great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just because! Gen Z & millennial fans use them for self-care. "Worth the hype!" —People

Hi, I’m Charlie,

I’m warm-hearted, supportive, and easy to love. I can’t wait to cuddle and calm you when you need it most. Who doesn’t love the weight of a puppy on your lap?

Hi, I’m Emory,

I’m a gentle daydreamer who is happiest when snuggled up close. They say elephants never forget — and I never forget to help you feel better! 

Hi, I’m Sam, 

I’m the snuggliest sloth you’ll ever meet, and I’m always up for some laid-back lounging and cuddly hugging. Let’s hang out! 

Hi, I’m Frankie the Cat. 

I’m loyal, loving, and low-key — but I can be quite playful when the mood strikes! It may take me a moment to warm up to strangers, but I’ll always want to take a cuddly catnap with you.