d BODY® Weighted Body Pod - Perfect for Relaxation, Lounging, Napping, S | BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

Gentle Pressure. Better Sleep.

Very simply, when gentle pressure is applied to the body, it has a profound calming effect, like a hug. This science is known as Deep Touch Pressure, which we can all benefit from.

3 Minute Magic

We guarantee that within 3 minutes you will experience natural stress relief and sink into your best night's sleep, or your money back.


  • Cool & Comfortable
  • It’s a Pod
  • Dual Comfort
  • Travel Ready
  • Easy Care

Chill more. Stress less. Anywhere.

  • All the benefits of a weighted blanket in a pod. Nodpod BODY's unique design allows for a cooler body contouring experience. Enjoy the benefits of a full-size weighted blanket in a portable, machine-washable pod.


  • At Better Sleep, protecting our planet is a top priority. That’s why we choose products that are OEKO-TEX® certified.

About our weighted body Pod.

  • LIKE A HUG FOR YOUR BODY Nodpod Body lays softly across your body to apply gentle, evenly distributed pressure for a comfortable & soothing experience. Get all the benefits of deep touch pressure.
  • USE IT WHERE YOU WANT Perfect for sleeping, lounging at home, meditation, travelling and so much more Nodpod Body is the perfect gift idea and lounging accessory. 
  • EXTREME COMFORT Made from ultra-soft cotton jersey fabric (cool side) and microfleece (warm side), this blanket provides optimal comfort. It is filled entirely with glass beads for a plush and cozy surface that contours your body.
  • SLEEP WITH EASE At 6.5 lbs, our blanket applies just the right amount of pressure for you to feel a sense of relaxation and comfort. Its positive effects allow you to wind down to get a full night of sleep.
  • EASY CARE This blanket is machine washable and dryer safe. We recommend using cold water when washing. Following the care instructions will ensure the longevity and of your Nodpod Body.

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