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Knit Weighted Blankets - our favorites !

Knit Weighted Blankets - our favorites ! - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

Why Do Knit Weighted Blankets Are On Trend?

Are you obsessed with knit weighted blankets this winter? Since we've had a crush on them for years, we don't blame you. They are ideal for everything from beautifying your den to falling off to deep sleep because of the dense layers of soft, woven cloth that naturally blend together. Another emerging trend? weighted throws. However thick they may feel, most chunky knit blankets are not actually weighed. Our blanket are both expertly created to produce the Instagram-worthy chunky loops and weaves and weighted down to provide you with the nicer, deeper sleep you've been dreaming of, so we've got you covered on both trends this year. It's safe to argue that both have a lot of positive qualities.

Are Chunky Yarn Blankets Value for Money?

Chunky yarn blankets are currently in style, as anyone who has spent any time reading interior design blogs or browsing the boards on Pinterest over the past year will know. These thick-knit beauties are guaranteed to be a terrific addition to your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you'd like to feel safe and comfy. They're soft, warm, and unquestionably photogenic.


How did the thick yarn blanket come to be so sought-after?

Several connected trends can be used to explain why these hand-knit blankets are so popular. The present blanket craze evidently fits in well with the popular adoption of the habit of "hygge," which entails curling up in a pleasant environment with your nearest and dearest. A large square of knitted cloth is undoubtedly a great answer if you're concerned about feeling the cold this winter.

The arm knitting fad is another noteworthy development. Arm knitting, as the name implies, entails using very thick yarn and your arms as knitting needles. It has gained popularity recently because it is simple to learn and doesn't call for any specialized equipment.

As a result, Instagram is suddenly flooded with influencers flaunting their own handcrafted chunky blankets, and we can't help but feel envious.


Maintaining Your Hand-Knitted Weighted Blanket

Of course, if you manage to ruin your chunky weighted blanket in a few of months, your purchase will not have been worthwhile. You must guard it against deterioration if you want to keep it in pristine condition. Keep it away from abrasive surfaces like rough carpets and soiled areas like the kitchen where it could get stained. Pick off any loose wool by hand if your blanket begins to pill.

Finally, never put a woolen blanket in the washing machine! It will instantly lose its delicate texture and become all but useless. If the blanket gets stained, wash it right away in cold water and let it air dry.


Purchase a Chunky Blanket Right Away.

This concludes your comprehensive guide on chunky blankets. You'll probably agree that they're a great option if you enjoy comfortable things in general. Why not purchase one right now?

Should I Purchase Or Create A Yarn Blanket For Myself?

This heavily depends on your individual interests, spending capacity, and available time. Although arm knitting tends to be a little quicker than conventional techniques, it might take some time to master and may take multiple tries.

On the other hand, it may be challenging to predict the lifespan or even the wool quality of a blanket purchased from a retailer. Even the costliest knitted goods can begin to pill within days. In this way, it is a good idea to look for high-quality wool on blanket labels and examine the stitching.

If you enjoy curling up on the couch with a hand-well-made chunky blanket is likely to become one of your favorite home furnishings. Not only is buying a cheap blanket a waste of money, but it may also contribute to the ecological issues brought on by rapid fashion.

The Benefits of Hand-knit Weighted Blankets

Have you ever let your worries disappear as you sank into the embrace of someone you care about? What about the profound tranquility experienced during a deep tissue massage? Or the warm, safe sensation you get when you wrap yourself in something on a chilly night?

What if I told you that you could get all of this and more from a knitted weighted blanket from BETTER SLEEP without ever leaving your bed? I'm going to go over some of the incredible advantages that weighted blankets have to offer, even though they might sound too good to be true.

How does it work?

You can duplicate the benefits of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) Therapy at home by using weighted blankets. The weight of the blanket stimulates deep pressure points on the body, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and effectively putting your body into "rest mode." Your muscles start to relax, your heart rate starts to slow down, and a number of chemical processes take place inside your body to provide a general feeling of calmness.

1.       Enhanced Sleep

The body starts to stimulate the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone, after serotonin is created. The rest of your organs receive chemical signals from this hormone informing them that it is nighttime and hence time to sleep. The deep pressure stimulation of the blanket, which stimulates this hormone, can help reduce the signs of insomnia and other sleep disorders and help you maintain a regular sleep schedule.

Your mind will be taken off anxious thoughts by the blanket's pressure, which will help you fall asleep more quickly. They have been shown to promote the synthesis of serotonin, which in turn creates melatonin, which lengthens slumber.

2.       Boost Your Mood

Having a wonderful sleep experience is directly related to having excellent mental health. Weighted blankets are intended to improve your serotonin levels, which will lift your spirits. You become more relaxed as a result, which elevates your mood.

3.       Decrease Unrest

Restlessness is one of the distressing symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can affect both adults and children. This might be especially stressful as you prepare for bed. According to studies, people with ADHD who use a weighted blanket report that it takes them less time to fall asleep.

The weight of the blanket replicates the pressure of compression clothing for people with problems like restless leg syndrome, but without any constriction. Some of the tingling feelings that make it difficult for sufferers to fall asleep easily are reduced as a result.

4.       Improves Health

Chunky Weighted blankets can also improve your general health by lessening the negative effects of excessive cortisol exposure. The body's main stress hormone, cortisol, lowers activities that are not necessary for your "fight or flight" reaction when it is released. The immune and digestive systems of your body might be affected by excessive cortisol over time, which can cause health issues.

When utilizing a chunky weighted blanket, the pressure contributes to the sensation of "grounding," which lowers cortisol production and reallocates energy to other bodily systems. This not only enhances general health but also lessens stress and promotes sleep.

5.       It Helps In Reducing anxiety

When you receive a comforting hug, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, sometimes known as the "love hormone," which gives you those warm, fuzzy emotions. A warm hug has the same hormonal effect as a weighted blanket, and pressure also causes the hormones dopamine and serotonin to be released. Together, these effects lower blood pressure and moderate heart rate, easing stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. 

6.       Might lessen pain

University of California researchers are investigating if using a weighted blanket might actually reduce pain. According to what we currently understand, these blankets increase serotonin levels, improving your mood and maybe reducing your pain.

7.       Made Of Therapeutic Material

The woolen material also has advantages of its own. Wool is a highly cozy material that works wonderfully for blanket-making. Thus, you can stay warm even during the colder months.

8.       It Helps Buffer Your Home Decor

You may easily match your home-knit blanket to the style of your interior design. Knitted blankets are created from yarn, which is often made of wool but can also be cotton or another synthetic fiber. Whatever your home décor motif, yarn is available in a wide range of colors and weights, so you won't have any trouble finding the perfect blanket to match.

9.       You Can Show Your Creativity Too

Knitting your own blanket is a great way to exercise your imagination. The majority of ready-made blankets don't always meet our needs, but knitted blankets allow you to accomplish practically anything. You can make a motif-style blanket if you need one. You can make a blanket with a complex pattern if you require one. Making your own blanket will provide you a wide range of options.

What’s So Special About BETTER SLEEP’s Chunky Blankets!


All of the materials used in our knitted weighted blanket are of the finest caliber. Layers of eco-friendly recycled polyester are used to construct the substantial weighted blanket's interior. This weighted material is completely covered with sheets of incredibly soft cotton that was acquired sustainably. The knit blanket is excellent for delicate skin because of our gentle cotton!


Each knitted weighted blanket is painstakingly woven by hand and created just for you to be a one-of-a-kind addition to your home! Our densely woven weighted blanket has just the right amount of space for breathability throughout the year so that the weight conforms to your body evenly.

Easy to wash

If it fits, wash our knitted weighted blanket in the washing machine on delicate, no higher than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Use cold water that is under 86 degrees to gently hand wash it if it won't fit in your machine. Lay it flat to dry, and let the Canadian climate do the rest!


Why Choose “Better Sleep” for your Investment In Healthy Sleep

BETTER SLEEP has always been the most concerned brand about your sleep. Relax your mind with the help of our beautiful, handcrafted weighted blanket. Our woven weighted blankets conform to your body and distribute weight uniformly while offering the benefits of Deep Touch Pressure, which lowers anxiety and enhances sleep.

Our vibrant selection also gives your home a serene air of refinement. The chunky weighted blanket's flexible fabric and soft cotton allow you to adjust the temperature for any season.

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