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Quality sleep is crucial for the overall well-being and development of children. As parents, it is essential to recognize the significance of ensuring that our kids get enough restful sleep. Choosing the right bedding can significantly impact your child's sleep quality. Weighted blankets have gained popularity due to their ability to provide deep pressure stimulation which promotes relaxation and calmness.


Insomnia and anxiety are often intertwined, creating a vicious cycle that can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to various sleep disorders. The relationship between these two conditions is complex and bidirectional. Weighted blankets have gained popularity as a non-pharmacological intervention for reducing both insomnia and anxiety symptoms. By applying deep pressure stimulation across the body, these blankets mimic the effects of a therapeutic hug or gentle massage.


Waking Up Tired: How To Make It Through The Day And Improve Sleep 

You follow all the right steps to obtain enough rest. You maintain decent sleeping habits. Every day, you wake up and go to bed at the same hour. You reduced your intake of alcohol and coffee. You limit your exposure to blue light and follow a restful bedtime regimen. Still, you feel exhausted when you awaken.

According to Statistics Canada for adults ages 18 to 64 and adults ages 65 and beyond, the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults, published in October 2020, recommend 7 to 9 hours of high-quality sleep on a regular basis with regular sleep and wake intervals. This study examines Canadian people’s sleep habits and how closely they adhere to the guidelines. Are already you among these lucky people? However, it's not just amount of hours; it's also about the quality of hours.