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Weighted blankets for Teens - Top 6 benefits

Weighted blankets for Teens - Top 6 benefits - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

You've certainly heard about weighted blankets by now—they're the wellness craze that's been sweeping the globe. Weighted blankets and other related products have become increasingly well-liked throughout time because of their capacity to lessen anxiety symptoms and enhance sleep among worried, sleep-deprived individuals. But did you know that utilizing a weighted blanket might also be beneficial for teenagers? 

Young people can benefit from weighted blankets in a variety of ways, from bettering sleep to enhancing academic achievement. Explore the several advantages of weighted blankets for teens in the following paragraphs. You'll also get some advice on how to pick the right weighted blanket for your teen.


Teenagers Today Are Stressed Out Like Never Before


Teenagers' anxiety levels are at an all-time high as a result of homework, extracurricular activities, changing hormones, and pressures from social media.

Why does that matter? Our youth are STRESSED out.

Depending on where you are in life, stress and anxiety can take on many forms. An anxious youngster may manifest different symptoms than an anxious adult. Even teen anxiety might manifest differently than anxiety in adults. Teen anxiety symptoms can include obsessive dieting, irritation or snapping, avoiding social interactions, or acting destructively.


The good news is that you can make easy changes to your household to promote harmony and offer your teen (and yourself) a chance to relax. Grab a hot cup of tea and continue reading!


Weighted blankets to the Rescue

The process of addressing your teen's mental health is ongoing, and that's normal. Every person is unique, and teens are no exception. Have a discussion with your adolescent about incorporating these minor changes into their daily routine. By giving children the freedom to decide how to support their health, you give them the ability to care for themselves in the future.

Top 6 Benefits of Weighted blankets for Teens

 Your teen can benefit from weighted blankets in a variety of ways, such as,

1.  Better Sleep

Teenagers need to sleep, but it can be difficult to get enough of it for a variety of reasons. Your teen may be unable to obtain the restorative sleep they require due to a busy schedule, a thrown-off body clock, or the continual pressure to succeed in life. Weighted blankets can help teens sleep better by relaxing the body and mind as well as by naturally raising levels of serotonin and melatonin (the sleep hormone).

2.  Improved Academic Results

Getting more sleep can have the unintended consequence of helping your teen's academic performance. Because of how important sleep is to academic success. Teenagers may struggle with focus, problem-solving, and memory recall when they don't get enough sleep. You can assist your teen in getting the restful sleep they require for success by encouraging them to sleep with a weighted blanket.

3.  Stress management

Stress has an impact on everyone, and teenagers are no exception. Long-term stress can impair the immune system, raise blood pressure, and create mental health issues including sadness and anxiety. A weighted blanket can be a terrific source of comfort if your teen is experiencing stress due to strain at home, in their relationships, or at school. Weighted blankets use the power of gravity to calm the nervous system and lower cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

4.  Improved Outlook

Has your teen recently been a little moody? They might feel happier after cuddling close to a weighted blanket. The increased weight of a weighted blanket, according to the experts, creates a feeling akin to being hugged, which causes the release of oxytocin and other feel-good hormones.

5.  May Benefit Teens with Autism

In addition to having autism, many kids and teenagers with sensory processing issues are extremely sensitive to sensory stimuli like touch or noise. Your teen may feel comforted by the light pressure of a weighted blanket, which can aid in reducing anxiety brought on by excessive stimulation.

6.  Low Threat 

Alarmingly many teenagers who are deprived of sleep turn to prescription and over-the-counter drugs to assist them to fall asleep. These drugs frequently come with higher chances of adverse reactions, which might be harmful to your kid. Contrarily, weighted blankets provide a natural remedy for your teen's sleep issues and are typically regarded as safe for healthy adults, teenagers, and older kids. 

Better Sleep’s Weighted Blankets Helping Teens Get the Sleep They Need.

As adults, we often forget just how stressful the teenage years can be. Between the academic challenges, physical changes, and hormonal fluctuations, the average teenager has a lot on their plate. 


While weighted blankets can fix many problems, they also go a long way in helping your child find a little Zen during their teenage years. Pick one up today at Better Sleep’s Weighted Blankets and give your teen the gift of better sleep! We offer many weighted blankets for Teens !

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