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Weighted Blankets Boost Serotonin Production

Weighted Blankets Boost Serotonin Production - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

Let's learn more about serotonin and how we can naturally improve our serotonin levels.

One of the reasons we're so passionate about weighted blankets is the promising studies and outcomes they've produced in the fields of sleep and mental health. But how does sleeping with a weighted blanket translate into a better, healthier night's rest? Hormones are one of the solutions.

Our hormone system is a fascinating and complex element of our health. Hormones regulate a wide range of functions, including stress, mental health, weight, hunger, immune function, reproductive health, and even life expectancy.

Serotonin is a very intriguing hormone. Serotonin has a significant impact on our overall well-being as well as the quality of our sleep. Let's learn more about serotonin and how it works.

What Is Serotonin and How Does It Work?

Serotonin is a tiny molecule that functions as a neurotransmitter and a hormone in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, respectively. This means it has a significant impact on communication throughout the body and affects important areas of human health such as digestion, mood, and sleep.

Serotonin is known as the "happy hormone" for good reason. Our mood increases and we tend to feel happy when we have a serotonin hit (such as after exercise, enjoying a bright day, or eating the perfect snack).

Circadian Rhythm And Serotonin

Researchers thought serotonin was responsible for lulling us to sleep each night in the 1960s. Later on, we switched tracks and assumed it was in charge of waking us up. We've now come to the more plausible conclusion that, well, it depends.

Serotonin regulates our circadian cycle by regulating our light sensitivity. Serotonin diminishes our sensitivity to keep our sleep pattern on track throughout the spring and summer seasons when we are exposed to more light. In the fall and winter, however, as daylight decreases, serotonin increases our sensitivity to light, preventing us from sleeping too much when we are subjected to long periods of darkness. Serotonin is the molecular precursor to melatonin, the essential hormone that regulates our light sensitivity.

Low Serotonin Alert!

Serotonin performs a variety of important functions, so what happens when our serotonin levels fall too low? Poor sleep and lousy emotions are the most obvious symptoms that our serotonin levels have fallen. Serotonin is important for keeping a regular sleep cycle, so if you've been having trouble getting back on track, this hormone could be to blame. An increase in anxiety or sadness is also a symptom that serotonin levels are too low or that the body is not using it effectively.

Low serotonin levels are caused by a variety of factors that differ from person to person. These are some of the most prevalent reasons you might be in a funk:

  • Stress for long periods
  • The science of genetics
  • sluggish Digestion
  • Unhealthy eating habits (we make serotonin from healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals)
  • Use of pharmaceuticals
  • Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and artificial sweeteners are all things to avoid.
  • Hormone imbalances are a common problem
  • A lack of natural light


Serotonin Boosting Natural Methods

Because serotonin is a naturally occurring substance that our bodies produce, there's no reason why we can't boost our bodies' ability to produce it. Here are some of our favorite natural ways to enhance serotonin and improve your health:

  1. Blankets with weights - Weighted Blankets Boost Serotonin

Weighted blankets are, of course, our go-to treatment! We love using a weighted blanket like the Better Sleep hand knit weighted blanket  at the end of the day to relieve stress and prepare for a restful night's sleep. Your brain is naturally cued to release stress and relax into sleep mode under the deep touch pressure of a weighted blanket. Stress-free sleep provides us with the natural energy we need to produce more serotonin and maintain our happiness.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Tryptophan, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids are all components of serotonin. To boost and sustain greater serotonin levels, we need a sufficient number of high-quality foods. To offer your body some extra-healthy serotonin building blocks, include bananas, eggs, salmon, tuna, walnuts, flaxseed, chickpeas, black beans, spinach, kale, yogurt, or tofu in your diet.

  1.  Bodywork
  2. Massage
  3. Exercise
  4. Supplement
  5. Light Therapy
  6. Proper Sleep

Our noblest ambition is to improve people's sleep and thereby alter the planet. A weighted blanket may appear to be a simple item, but it has tremendous power, weighted blankets boost serotonin. They not only help us feel more rested by reducing anxiety and improving sleep, but they also help us feel more peaceful, balanced, and joyful in our waking life. Better sleep, we believe, leads to happier people and, as a result, a better world. Why don't you come along with us?

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