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weighted blanket benefits: Does it reduce your insomnia or anxiety?

weighted blanket benefits: Does it reduce your insomnia or anxiety? - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

For the last few years, Weighted Blanket has grown popular for both comfort and medical use. From mega endorsements by celebrities to bold recommendations in the medical sector, it’s perfect for various uses. What’s more, functions like relieving anxiety, sensory issues, and curing insomnia are some of the benefits that have fueled the use of this blanket.

Since its rollout, Weighted Blanket is widespread in various countries around the world. And now even the residents of Canada can have a share of its benefits. With the help of companies like Better Sleep, rest assured you will find a reliable option.


How it Works

A Better Sleep weighted blanket is a reliable solution for those suffering from insomnia and anxiety. All thanks to the use of deep touch pressure technology, people with nervous disorders have an effective treatment.

This solution doesn’t cause any side effects, and it’s still useful after recovery. The science behind it targets body nerves, triggering the release of melatonin and serotonin, which are happy hormones.

Serotonin counteracts the effects of Cortisol (a stress hormone that propels anxiety) promoting relaxation. On the other hand, Melatonin is vital for sleep regulation. And its release ensures you have a healthy sleep cycle.

With that in mind, Weighted Blankets are beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. And the best-weighted blankets enhance healthy sleep, cure anxiety and promote relaxation to both kids and adults.

What’s the use of Weighted Blankets?

These blankets are on the mainstream ever since the escalation of mental disorders likes:

  • Insomnia and Anxiety
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders

Some of these nerve-related disorders are now more popular among kids and adults in this century. While there are various kinds of treatment options, some come with disastrous side effects. Depending on your method of approaching these disorders, you can choose either conventional or non-conventional treatment.

Conventional treatment involves the use of medical treatment. You can get a prescription or whichever form of treatment described by your doctor. On the other hand, non-conventional treatment involves solutions such as a premium weighted blanket. These blankets are effective in tackling anxiety, insomnia, stress, and sensory needs. And from research findings, the weighted blanket is effective in treating:

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is quite frustrating, with the sweating, breathing rapidly, and trembling, you can’t have a piece of mind. Luckily, one of the primary impacts of Weighted Blankets is relieving anxiety. With a rest on your couch or sleeping at night, while covering yourself with this blanket, anxiety disappears.

There are multiple studies in support of pressure stimulation for the reduction of autonomic arousal. And it’s this arousal that provokes anxiety and a state of restlessness. But through the use of a weighted blanket, you can reduce anxiety significantly.

  • Insomnia

To those suffering from insomnia, it’s time to embrace an effective non-conventional treatment technique. And that’s the Weighted Blankets. They have no impact on your health, except for making you feel better.

These blankets are great for relieving insomnia in both grownups and kids. Coming in various styles, sizes, and shapes, you can find a lasting solution that fits your sleeping condition. Furthermore, they allow you to keep your touch of style.

So, if you prefer vintage style, there’s a classic weighted blanket. And to those who prefer premium style or luxurious things, the likes of Sherpa faux weighted blankets and premium weighted blankets will impress you.

Other health benefits of Best Weighted Blanket

  • ADHD

There are a few studies on the impacts of weighted blankets on ADHD. But the few available on wearing a weighted vest to reduce ADHD seem to shine a light on the potential of weighted blankets. From these studies, the weighted vests are effective in calming hyperactive movement while enhancing attention.

  • Autism

This condition affects both kids and adults. But the impact is more severe in children who suffer from sleeping troubles. From cross-study several years back, the researchers discovered how weighted blankets can alleviate the impact of autism on kids and grownups.

From the study findings, there was an improvement in their sleep pattern. Also, both kids and grownups appreciated the comfort and relief of this product. In addition, there was another minor study that discovered the positive impact of deep impact therapy on autism patience.

  • Chronic Pain

Massage therapy is one of the best home remedies for chronic pain. According to medical researchers, you should start with a mild massage on the affected areas. Thereafter, advance gently to moderate and deep massage gradually to experience the alleviating impact of the therapy. As such the deep pressure effect on your body from weighted blankets also exerts the same effect. It can reduce the chronic condition by alleviating the pain as you sleep.

  • Osteoarthritis

There is no study on record on the impact of weighted blankets on patients suffering from osteoarthritis. But there is a good lead through a study on message therapy. This study indicates that weighted blankets have great potential when it comes to alleviating the impact of osteoarthritis.


Lastly, these blankets are not just for those suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Anyone looking for the best comfort when sleeping will love them. For instance, the effect of a handmade weighted blanket will fascinate you. The texture and quality are enough to distress your body and mind when you cover yourself.

What’s more, the quality and type of material are healthy and friendly to the environment. Therefore, they are best for you if you are susceptible to allergies. Other options include luxurious weighted blankets, premium weighted blankets, classic weighted blankets, and junior weighted blankets for kids.

Where can you find Weighted Blankets?

If you are satisfied with the unrivaled benefits of weighted blankets, the best thing is to buy one. And this is where a bit of challenge comes in. While they are available in department stores and drugstores, not all of them have it. Luckily, can find it at ease online, and if you are from Canada, even better ‘cause it can be delivered to you.  

Who should avoid weighted blankets?

They are great products for medical purposes, however, they can turn hazardous into the wrong hands. Speaking of wrong hands, young kids, toddlers, and infants must not use this product. They are more prone to danger if you cover them with these blankets. For instance, the beads or pellets fillers may fall out and chock the toddler. The weight of the blanket can chock the child in case it drifts onto their face when they are sleeping.

On the adults' end, those with breathing difficulties, chronic illness, or sleep apnea must consult a professional before using this blanket. They should seek permission from their doctor just to be certain the weighted blanket is safe for them. Also, on your child's end, consult their pediatrician whether a weighted blanket is okay for them.

Speaking of kids, those with conditions like epilepsy, allergies, cardiac complications, and breathing issues must not use it. And this applies to those who cannot uncover themselves when they are asleep or when waking up.

Before buying one

Consider the weight of the weighted blanket before buying one. In most cases, those that are less than a tenth of your weight will do. They are comfortable and safe to use. Also, confirm the means of cleaning. Is it machine wash, hand wash? Or can it be clean at home?

Furthermore, it must be comfortable to your skin or that of your kids depending on who will use it. Lastly, it must fit into your surroundings. There are weighted blankets for hot regions and then there are those for cold regions. And this is very important to note if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

How to choose the best-weighted blanket for insomnia and anxiety

We understand that the best choice matters a lot with weighted blankets if you are looking for the best results. Whether it’s a weighted blanket for adults or weighted blankets for juniors, it’s essential to choose a perfect fit. You don’t want something heavier that will suffocate you or lighter that will behave like an ordinary duvet. That said, here is a comprehensive checklist that you can use:

  • Filler Type

Fillers determine how the blankets settle on your body. Therefore, choosing the best option is essential for greater impact and more results. The most common types of fillers are glass beads, plastic beads, and steel beads.

  • Plastic Beads

They are one of the most cost-effective fillers that make quality weighted blankets. That means they are relatively expensive but present good value for your money. With the right material, they are very comfortable deliver sufficient pressure on the body.

  • Glass beads

These are common on high-end weighted blankets for a reason. They are tiny crystals with a sand-like resemblance. They have smooth surfaces and are best if you want to avoid the rough plastic bead texture. Also, the blanket is less bulky and more comfortable to cover yourself with.

  • Steel beads

Steel beads are also an excellent choice for fillers. They are very smooth and make the least bulky weighted blankets. They are durable, versatile, and easy to clean. However, they are not recommended to those with auditory sensitivity.

  • Weight

Just from their name, weighted blankets need heaviness to deliver pressure therapy on your body. As such, one of the key features of this product is weight. While that is true, it doesn’t mean all weighted blankets are good for you.

If anything, you must stick to the thump rule to ensure you receive the impact you desire without negative effects. And that rule dictates the blanket must be less than 10% of what you weigh.

  • Size

It’s important to use your size when buying this product. Chose a small size and it will cover you halfway with little impact on the expected purpose. And if you are a couple, ensure the size you pick will accommodate the two of you.

  • Budget

When you fix your eyes on the price tag, chances are, you may not buy these blankets. However, it’s important to keep in mind the long-term benefits which are more than what you will spend. But even so, you can compare various prices available online if you feel your budget needs to be met.

  • Material

There are multiples types of material that form the external surface of the weighted blankets. While your focus might be on the fillers and weight, material matters as well. It determines the comfort of the blanket and how it feels on your skin.

There are several types of material you will encounter on this blanket. The most common material includes:

  • Cotton

Cotton is soft, cuddly, breathable, and comfortable on the skin. It’s the best material for weighted blankets, especially organic and natural cotton. They are versatile and best for everyone.

  • Sherpa faux

Sherpa happens to be the most comfortable material for weighted blankets. It’s fluffy, and very soft, which is enough reason to buy it if you are suffering from stress and anxiety.

  • Fleece

If you need your weighted blanket around the clock, fleece will do. It’s recommended for those suffering from sensory disorders and autism. The smooth texture is effective in providing a relaxing sensation on the skin. And most importantly, it’s durable.

Final Take

Weighted Blankets are effective home therapy when it comes to conditions such as insomnia and Anxiety. Studies have shown that these blankets can exert deep therapy similar to what you will get from an actual massage. Therefore, you can go ahead and get a weighted blanket if you are suffering from any of these conditions.

And since you have a wide range of options, don’t feel shy when satisfying your taste of style. If you love the traditional style, try the classic blanket. If you have a refined taste, you will love the comfort of a premium-styled weighted blanket. And to those who love luxury in everything, you are also catered for. Sherpa faux fur weighted blanket fit you.

However, if it’s minor in your care going through any of these conditions, there is something for them. The likes of better sleep junior will provide them with the treatment and comfort they deserve.

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