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weighted blanket benefits:Does it work for insomnia?Read Now

weighted blanket benefits:Does it work for insomnia?Read Now - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket
Weighted blankets are a safe and effective intervention in treating insomnia, according to Swedish researchers who have found that insomnia patients with psychiatric disorders experience reduced severity of insomnia and improved sleep under a weighted blanket. The study, published this month in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, shows that people who slept under a heavy blanket at night were better at sleeping and had fewer symptoms associated with depression and anxiety during the day. [Sources: 0, 7]
This method allowed scientists to look at themselves - using measurements such as sleep quality, sleep duration, and sleep intensity. This allowed researchers to collect data on sleeping under a weighted blanket to see if it is a safe and effective treatment for psychiatric disorders.
This sounds promising, but there are simply not a large number of studies on weighted blankets for insomnia, and the studies linking them to insomnia are even less meaningful. Although a weighted blanket can help alleviate some of the symptoms of insomnia, this does not mean the results will apply to everyone. [Sources: 4]
In particular, a Swedish study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders showed positive effects of weighted blankets on insomnia. There are several important research studies showing how a weighted blanket can treat insomnia, reduce anxiety and reduce stress. Weighted blankets are not a common prescription for other therapies designed to relieve anxiety and insomnia; some people never see the benefits that others bring to the majority of people, so they are not suitable for everyone. But they are a great tool to reduce stress, get a more restful sleep and reduce anxiety. [Sources: 3, 8, 13]
Counterintuitively, weighted blankets are sometimes used for hot flashes, but the gravity of the blanket itself can also increase the help many of us find in melatonin while sleeping. Dr. Dimitriu talks about the physiological benefits that improving sleep quality can have without medication and concludes that a weighted blanket can help reduce insomnia. Dasgupta explains: "It's not that we don't know our sleep, it's just that weighted blankets can prolong sleep duration and ease anxiety, according to self-recorded questionnaires. [Sources: 9, 11, 17]
A study has found that a weighted blanket can help reduce insomnia, although it is unclear whether this is due to the calming effect of the blanket itself or its weight. A study by Ackerley, Badre and Olausson (2015) was conducted in Sweden to investigate whether weighted blankets can reduce the symptoms of insomnia. [Sources: 10, 12]
Dr Grandin's groundbreaking work has now been integrated into an easy-to-use solution, weighted blankets, to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia and sensory disorders. However, research into the impact of weighted blankets on anxiety and other mental health problems is sparse and contradictory. [Sources: 20]
Some small studies have looked at the effects that weighted blankets have on insomnia, anxiety and other mental health problems. A study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders found that people with insomnia had calmer nights when they used a weighted blanket, experienced less anxiety, less stress and a better quality of life. A study by Dr. Grandin and her colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, found a link between blanket weight and sleep in people with sleep disorders. They found that the weighted blankets helped insomnia sleep better by helping them feel more comfortable in bed. The weighted blankets were found to be sleep aids for insomnia because they helped them feel safe before bed and at night. [Sources: 1, 3, 16, 18]
To go one step further, previous research has shown that weighted blankets can improve the quality of life of people suffering from anxiety, insomnia and attention deficit disorder. Previous studies have examined the effects of a weighted blanket on the autonomic nervous system in people with anxiety and other mental health problems. The research showed that the comforting blankets helped patients with insomnia to calm down, fall asleep, sleep better at night and wake up more rested. You could go to the limbs and say that weighted blankets can be effective when a person's insomnia is caused by chronic anxiety. Weighted blankets can manipulate the autonomic nervous system, thus alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. [Sources: 6, 15, 22]
A blanket against insomnia would be a lifesaver for many struggling with sleep problems. Whether you suffer from insomnia or just enjoy the feeling of being embraced in your sleep, a weighted blanket can be the missing piece of the puzzle. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using weighted blankets to combat insomnia and What other benefits it can bring to your life. [Sources: 15, 19, 21]
In the previous section, we reported on how complaining about blankets has been shown to reduce anxiety and ease insomnia. Many customers of Better Sleep weighted blankets who suffer from insomnia report improvements in sleep after using our weighted blanket. 
The weighted blanket does much more than just sleep, it provides a natural calming tool to help children fall asleep more easily and get them to sleep deeper and better. It reduces anxiety, depression, stress, anxiety and other symptoms of insomnia, while promoting better sleep quality and boosting mood and concentration. One of the main reasons why weighted blankets help improve sleep is that they are heavier than normal blankets. [Sources: 2, 5, 18]

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