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Are Weighted Blankets Hot? A Guide for Hot Sleepers

Are Weighted Blankets Hot? A Guide for Hot Sleepers - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

Guide for Hot Sleepers

Many customers who are exhausted and in need of sleep may be wearily thinking, "Are weighted blankets hot?" when temperatures and heat indices surge into the triple digits this summer. Since the prospect of wearing any further garments this summer is intolerable, let's face it. Furthermore, a hot weighted blanket might make a condition that weighted blankets are meant to aid worse for people who already have sensory sensitivity, sleeplessness, or anxiety.

For those who need better sleep during the hot summer months as well as those who easily overheat at night, a decent cooling weighted blanket can be a terrific solution. 


Are Weighted Blankets Hot To Direct contact?

Being drenched in sweat after emerging from a deep sleep in the middle of the night is not fun. We have good news for everyone looking for the ideal summer weighted blanket or simply wondering if there is such a thing as a weighted blanket that does not raise or lower body temperature.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot To The Touch? No, Not Always.

Hot flushes and night sweats do not necessarily go hand in hand with weighted blankets. In fact, this is the same reason why there are so many cooling-weighted blankets. Let's examine the many weighted blanket varieties intended for temperature regulation.

Are Weighted Blankets Good For Hot Sleepers?

Everyone can benefit from a decent weighted blanket, especially those who tend to get hot at night. So, are weighted blankets beneficial for people who quickly become too hot at night? Yes, to answer briefly.

For a range of climates and individual temperature preferences, there are numerous solutions available. Anyone can gain from a decent weighted blanket and the way they can manage insomnia and anxiety symptoms, even those who have trouble staying cool at night.

Is There a Weighted Blanket That Isn’t Hot?

A weighted blanket could appear uncomfortable, especially in the summer. However, there are solutions for overheated sleepers on those humid summer nights.

When trying to choose the ideal blanket to prevent overheating under the covers, take the recommendations given in the article below into account.

Let’s take a look at the root causes of sleeping hot.

What Makes You Hot at Night?

Sometimes, what keeps us warm at night has less to do with what is in our beds and more to do with what is happening inside our bodies and minds.

The following variables can influence your body temperature when you sleep:

Sleep environment - Air conditioners that aren't working properly, heat waves, and thick clothes like fleece and flannel can all increase your risk of overheating at night.

Hormones: Perimenopause adults experience more frequent hot flashes at night. Night sweats are one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, which can also be brought on by the drops in estrogen and progesterone that are common throughout menopause.

PTSD and Anxiety - Associated with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, nocturnal panic attacks can cause sweating, hot flashes, and chills. Our body temperature may elevate as a result of the thrashing and rapid heartbeat that accompany nightmares.

Given this, you might have some skepticism regarding a weighted blanket's efficacy. Even yet, you might be wondering if adding another layer wouldn't further fuel the fire of these nightmares.

No, not always. Weighted blankets might be quite helpful in controlling hormones related to stress and sleep. The stress hormone cortisol can be reduced with the aid of their DPS function. Melatonin levels rise as stress hormone levels fall, resulting in a more restful night's sleep.

For those with hormone- or stress-related anxiety, the ideal weighted blanket can offer deep touch pressure alleviation. The thicker blanket can therefore stop subsequent heat flushes and nocturnal sweats. Yes, this extra weight may actually make it easier for you to sleep through the night.

However, hot sleepers should be picky while looking for a weighted blanket brand that will let airflow without increasing the likelihood of perspiration. 


Weighted Blankets for all seasons

The majority of customers want a weighted blanket that can be used year-round, not simply during the chilly winter months when cuddling up under a thick blanket sounds comfortable.

In actuality, the fabric covering the weighted blanket has a considerably greater impact on the body's temperature when using one of these blankets than the weight of the blanket itself.

For the majority of people, wearing materials like fleece and flannel in the heat is usually not a good idea.

When employing a weighted blanket cover or duvet that traps heat, it's simple to become hot at night. Trying to fall asleep while allowing body heat to rise is neither comfortable nor healthful.

Consider materials that don't hold heat, such those made from bamboo, eucalyptus, or a cotton-polyester blend, for an excellent all-season weighted blanket.

Setting the thermostat a few degrees lower at night will also help people who sweat easily while using a weighted blanket stay comfortable and get a good night's sleep


Cotton is traditional and a well-liked option for many people who use weighted blankets regularly in order to fall asleep quickly.

One of the most affordable and useful solutions is a blanket with weights that employs a cotton duvet cover or is composed of a cotton-polyester blend.

The lightweight, breathable fabric of these blankets and duvets can also allow the person wrapped beneath the blanket to be cool and comfortable while effortlessly falling asleep. These blankets and duvets are often easier to clean.

Plastic beads

If you're looking for the ideal weighted blanket for the summer, glass beads can be a fantastic filler.

In contrast to their rivals, pellets and poly beads, these beads are cold to the touch and do not retain heat.

In comparison to the other plastic possibilities, the glass bead is also significantly more environmentally beneficial.

These beads are not just cool and green, but they are smooth, smaller, and heavier than plastic pellets. This implies that fewer glass alternatives are required to provide the appropriate weight, keeping weighted blankets more portable and less bulky.

These blankets with weights can be replaced with weighted blankets produced with glass fillings.


Finding the best cooling weighted blanket is not difficult, but it will rely on preferences.

However, do weighted blankets make you hot? The blanket's exterior can be kept cool and cozy by using materials like cotton, eucalyptus, and bamboo. Fillers may also be important. Glass beads can be cooling and do not retain heat as well as most other pellet fillers.

Check out our responses to the following frequently asked questions to help you choose the best cooling weighted blanket:

QUESTION: What weight should it have?

The weight of the weighed blankets should be 10% of the body weight plus one to two pounds. Find out more here about how to pick a weighted blanket.

QUESTION: Do weighted blankets actually improve your quality of sleep?

Yes, they can help people feel more at ease and get better sleep by lowering their anxiety and inability to sleep.

QUESTION: Can children use a weighted blanket?

Yes, weighted blankets can be used on children, and they are frequently used to treat problems including autism, ADD, ADHD, and sensory issues. However, a weighted blanket should never be used on a child under the age of five.

QUESTION: Do weighted blankets cause me to become overheated?

No, not always. As we previously stated, a lot relies on the blankets' external material. A duvet made of cotton or bamboo can aid in temperature control and promote restful sleep.

QUESTION: Will it worsen hot flashes?

Many women who get hot flashes as a result of menopause or hormonal imbalance may also experience additional symptoms including insomnia, making it difficult to get a decent night's sleep. One of these cooling or all-season alternatives might be a suitable fit for ladies who have nighttime hot flashes because they can assist people in maintaining body temperature while they sleep better.

Don’t Let Hot Sleep Weigh You Down

The ideal weighted blanket can be a terrific solution for people who have trouble falling asleep because it has the power to increase melatonin and lower cortisol.

But with weighted blankets, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, unlike with novels.

Moisture-wicking cotton and other natural fibers with excellent ventilation can keep you cool while you maintain composure. Are you prepared to discover the bed linens, blankets, pillows, and cooling weighted blankets most suited to your bed and sleeping preferences? Shop with BETTER SLEEP today and fall asleep to a cool, cozy night. Guide for Hot Sleepers

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