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Leave Egyptian cotton behind. The bedding market is currently dominated by bamboo sheets. They are highly breathable, sustainable, and hypoallergenic. The icing on the cake? Additionally, they may be the softest linens you've ever slept on.

To put it simply, bamboo sheets are revolutionary. These sheets have become a well-liked substitute for cotton and linen ones in recent years because they appear to meet practically all requirements. Aside from its many other advantages, bamboo bed sheets are the best choice for hot sleepers since they wick away moisture and promote restful sleep.


Many customers who are exhausted and in need of sleep may be wearily thinking, "Are weighted blankets hot?" when temperatures and heat indices surge into the triple digits this summer. Since the prospect of wearing any further garments this summer is intolerable, let's face it. Furthermore, a hot weighted blanket might make a condition that weighted blankets are meant to aid worse for people who already have sensory sensitivity, sleeplessness, or anxiety.