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A Comprehensive Guide To Weighted Blankets - Questions/Answers

A Comprehensive Guide To Weighted Blankets - Questions/Answers - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

In this article, we tell you everything you all must have been curious about for a long. We will discuss the benefits of sleeping underweight, how weighted blankets work, what materials they are composed of, best-weighted weighted blankets for children are all covered in detail in this article. Even some tips on how to wash your weighted blanket are given!


1.  How Are Weighted Blankets Made?

The fact that traditional weighted blankets increase body heat is a typical issue. This is greatly influenced by the way weighted blankets are usually made. People who employ dense fabrics laced with synthetic fillers, such as beads or pellets, frequently experience sweating, heat exhaustion, and discomfort. By reinventing the process of making weighted blankets, we were able to solve this issue.

The two major components of Better Sleep weighted blankets are Tencel and organic cotton.

  • organic cotton that has been responsibly grown is used to make our weighted blankets.
  • Tencel, is a fabric created from wood pulp that is breathable, biodegradable, and produced using a closed-loop system.


2.  How To Use A Weighted Blanket?

We advise using a weighted blanket every night to get the most out of the advantages of sleeping underweight. As a super-soft soothing item to aid in relaxation and stress relief, our Nappers are also wonderful for cuddling on the couch for a rejuvenating afternoon nap. Numerous individuals discover that working with a weighted blanket on their lap or shoulders enhances concentration. 

3.  Is Using A Weighted Blanket Every Night Okay?

You can use a weighted blanket as part of your nightly sleep routine, yes. Our Cotton Napper weighted blankets are made to be naturally breathable and evenly weighted to provide peaceful slumber all night long, every night. 

4.  How Long Does It Take For The Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket To Work?

Depending on the individual, a weighted blanket may take some time to start performing its magic. Like most new experiences, sleeping underweight can take some getting used to, but with the correct weighted blanket, you should quickly train your body and mind to prefer this position.

When utilizing a weighted blanket, bear the following advice in mind:

  • If necessary, begin by merely covering your legs to ease your way under it.
  • For the first two or three days, use your weighted blanket only for 30 minutes to help your body acclimate.
  • Allow at least 10 nights for the effects of a 15–20 lbs weighted blanket to become apparent. 

Weighted blankets function best when they become a regular part of your sleep routine. Did you know that forming a new habit takes at least 18 days? 

TIP: Only use a top sheet and your Napper when sleeping at night under one of our thickly knit weighted blankets. Putting a weighted blanket on top of a comforter traps body heat, which makes it difficult to enjoy a restful sleep. A Napper and a sheet provide the ideal level of warmth and coolness for sleeping.


5.  What Does Research On The Effectiveness Of Weighted Blankets?

Research Study 1: Weighted Blankets Reduce Anxiety in Adult Chemotherapy Patients

According to the study's findings, wearing a weighted blanket during chemotherapy treatment helped chemotherapy patients feel less anxious.


Research Study 2: The Weighted Blanket Approach: Physiological Effects of Deep Touch Pressure on Anxiety Alleviation

The results of this study show that using a weighted blanket might reduce anxiety and soothe the body.


      Research Study 3: The Impact of Deep Pressure Touch on Anxiety

According to this study, deep pressure touch can drop heart rate, which in turn lowers anxiety.

Research Study 4: An Example Of How A Weighted Blanket Was Effectively Used For A Person With Severe Dementia

This case study showed how an elderly woman with dementia-related sleep difficulties discovered that using a weighted blanket that was roughly 15% of her body weight improved the quality of her overall sleep. 

6.  Weighted blankets: Don't They Make You Hot?

The unique weighted blankets from Better Sleep are incredibly breathable. We employ a chunky-knit, filler-free construction that enhances ventilation and keeps you cool and cozy all night long. Additionally, we employ natural fabrics that are breathable to combat any excess body heat. Rest assured that our cooling weighted blankets have you covered if you're concerned that sleeping with weight would make you hot or perspire. 

7.  A Weighted Blanket That Is Great for hot sleepers

The Weighted Blanket is every sweaty sleeper's answer to comfier rest since it combines cooling fabric with a breathable design. The advantages of a full-body hug without the uncomfortable body heat are provided by weighted blankets. 

Better sleeps Weighted Blankets are ideal for people who sleep hotter than most people do. It is constructed of Tencel, a material that is cooler than linen, softer than silk, and more absorbent than cotton. 

Tencel is a tree fiber made from the pulp of unprocessed eucalyptus wood. Since the fabric is moisture-wicking and features a smooth fiber surface that aids in regulating body temperature, it will keep you dry even on sweatier nights.


8.  Can You Take A Weighted Blanket On The Trip?

Yes! When you're away from home, bringing a weighted blanket is a simple method to ensure that you obtain restorative sleep. Additionally, it can be a beneficial, relaxing aid for anxious passengers on long car trips and flights. However, we developed the Better Sleep, a lightweight weighted blanket that weighs only 12 pounds because we realize that carrying a 15 or 20-pound blanket isn't the easiest way to travel.


9.  How should a travel weighted blanket be used?

Use a weighted travel blanket for a more relaxing ride or flight, place it across your lap at work to reduce tension, or sink even further into Shavasana by bringing it to yoga class.

The 12-pound organic cotton weighted blanket has all the soothing qualities of our traditional weighted blankets in a portable design. It comes in a convenient bag, making it the ideal travel companion to bring tranquility with you. 

10.     Can a weighted blanket be brought on a flight?

Unlike many other weighted blankets, our handwoven weighted blanket is a filler-free travel weighted blanket that doesn't contain plastic pellets or beads. This means that you can travel through airport security checks without worrying that the fillers in your blanket will cause any delays. Our hand-knit weighted blanket is the ideal size for carry-on luggage because it measures 20" x 10" x 10" when packed into its duffel bag. 

11.     What Weight Weighted Blanket Is Best For Me?

Around 10% of your body weight should be represented by a weighted blanket. You may discover a short guide for selecting the ideal weight for a weighted blanket in this area, along with solutions to frequently asked weight-related questions. 

12.     Quick tips for selecting a weighted blanket:

  • The weight of a weighted blanket should be approximately 10% of your body weight.
  • The 15 lbs weighted blanket is the greatest option for someone who weighs 150 pounds. Try our 20 lbs weighted blanket if your weight is closer to 200 pounds.
  • Allow at least 10 nights for the effects of a 15–20 lbs weighted blanket to become apparent.
  • Exceeding the 10% limit is absolutely OK as long as you're at ease and cozy. 

At Better Sleep, we assist other people who enjoy sleeping in selecting the appropriately weighted blanket. We normally ask the following inquiries to determine the ideal weight of a weighted blanket for each individual's particular needs:


13.     What if my weight fluctuates?

We offer weights of 12,15, 17, 20, and 25 pounds with our weighted blankets. Most experts advise moving on to the next, heavier option if 10% of your body weight doesn't quite fall inside one of those categories.

But there are some things to think about: 

  • You might not want to add the extra weight if you're purchasing the weighted blanket for someone who is on the lighter side because it could be unpleasant. Instead of a tight grip, we want the blanket to feel like a warm hug!
  • Our 15 lb weighted blanket is the greatest option for someone who weighs 150 pounds. Try our 20 lb weighted blanket if your weight is closer to 200 pounds.
  • A heavier weighted blanket is usually more beneficial for people who from RLS, sleeplessness, or chronic discomfort.


14.     Can a blanket with weights be too heavy?

Adults can safely use a weighted blanket for up to 30 lbs, according to studies. If you're unsure whether you chose a weighted blanket that is excessively heavy, keep these three factors in mind:

  1. Comfort is paramount. You should use a weighted blanket that feels nice and comfortable, even if it could take a few days to get used to at first.
  2. For best results, the weight must be spread uniformly. A heavier blanket isn't really performing its job if you use it to cover only half of your body. 

Additionally, you don't want to set the weight too low. Make sure the weighted blanket you select is substantial enough for DTP to work effectively.


15.     How might weighted blankets help children?

Kids can benefit from sleeping underweight in the same ways that adults do. Let's examine how the Nappling weighted blanket for kids, which loves to sleep and cuddle with children, might benefit your child.

Enhanced Sleep

Napping could be exactly what your child needs if they have problems winding down at nap or bedtime. Weighted blankets offer a natural, calming tool that can assist children in falling asleep more quickly and achieving deeper, better sleep.

 A sharper focus

A rested child has an easier time focusing on the subject at hand. Children can benefit from a weighted blanket by maintaining their focus, which enhances their academic and social growth. 

Hearts, brains, and bodies at peace

Anxiety in kids can be reduced with a weighted blanket. It is a straightforward, drug-free technique that soothes a child's nervous feelings, thoughts, and developing body.


Treats the signs of ADHD and autism

Weighted blankets can ease the symptoms of sensory overload and hyperactivity in kids (and adults) with autism or ADHD. The straightforward science of how weighted blankets operate, DTP, has been shown in research trials to aid those facing various conditions.


16.     What Weighted Blanket Is Best For Children?

Always put safety first while dealing with children! Parents, just a friendly reminder that children aged four and older are the greatest candidates for our children's weighted blanket, the Nappling.

The steps for selecting a weighted blanket for children are as follows:

  • Various recommendations range from 10% to 30% of their body weight.
  • Younger children typically prefer heavier blankets.
  • The best course of action is to give it a try and see how your child responds; if you notice any discomfort, switch to something more gentle. This method frequently involves some trial and error.
  • The general idea is that for a weighted blanket to be effective, it must equally distribute its weight across your child's entire body. We're quite proud of our inventive knitted pattern because it keeps them warm while still tightly hugging them.


17.     How to wash a Weighted Blanket?

To find out whether machine washing or dry cleaning is advised, first read the care label on the weighted blanket. Check to see if your washing machine and dryer can support the entire weight of the weighted blanket if the label on your blanket says it may be machine washed. 

It is recommended to wash your weighted blanket in a laundromat in a bigger, center-column-agitator top-loader, heavy duster washer.


18.     Make your mood better by using a weighted blanket

Use a weighted blanket to lift your spirits if tossing and turning at night is harming your disposition during the day. You can fall asleep longer and wake up feeling better because of the natural serotonin-boosting advantages of sleeping underweight. 

Utilizing a weighted blanket can also assist lower elevated cortisol levels if stress is the cause of your moodiness. We've all felt the grumpiness that follows a sleepless night, and irritability and sleep deprivation are closely related. But don't worry—sleeping with a knitted weighted blanket will help you regain your energy.

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