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What is The Ideal Weighted Blanket For Hot Sleepers? For the curious

What is The Ideal Weighted Blanket For Hot Sleepers? For the curious - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

When we talk about sleep, many of us agree that the common enemy is: high body heat. The accompanying restlessness makes it difficult to get up during the day. We are here to help, we have blankets that cool warm sleepers all night and keep them from sweating.

If you are looking for the best blanket for warm sleepers, we have the perfect product for you: our new handwoven blanket is the Best Cooling Blanket.

If you're a sleeper who sweats a lot during the night, you may be wondering if a weighted blanket is right for you. Well, it depends on the blanket you buy, but the extra weight won't make you warmer.

If you get warm while sleeping, there are three things to pay attention to when shopping for a cool, comfortable weighted blanket. If you're going for a weighted blanket made from heavy fabrics, look for polyester or fleece. On the other hand, if you buy weighted blankets made from natural, breathable fabrics that allow air to pass through their loops and buckles, you'll feel cooler and more comfortable at night.

When you put the weight of the blanket on your body, it can get hot, even though it is evenly distributed. Not to mention the environmental impact, the glass beads that make up the essential material when it comes to trapping heat.

We believe that plastic-free production lines are essential if we are to tackle the planet's most pressing climate issues. At Better Sleep, we don't use any plastic in our products, for the sake of the planet.

The padding in a weighted anxiety blanket plays a big role in how cold it feels at night. Our coolest blanket is our newest product: the hand-woven weighted blanket. It is perfect for a cool sleep or a warm nap.

It is made from a super durable organic cotton fabric and is a great choice for those who want to sweat less and stay cool. The blanket allows the body to better regulate its temperature throughout the night, and the cotton fabric is pleasantly soft and supple, even on sensitive skin.

The organic cotton fabric is ideal for all seasons, as it is a good choice for a warm blanket and also, for a cooling blanket. It can be used during the summer months or even during the winter.

The open design of our new blankets has loops that allow air to circulate around the body, keeping you cool and comfortable. The hand-knit loops also serve an important purpose: they are designed to look good on the living room couch.

If you tend to sleep in a sweat, use one of our breathable weighted blankets instead of adding a regular blanket. The innovative design used distributes weight evenly across the blanket, so air can circulate freely around the body, keeping you cool at night and feeling more comfortable in the midst of a warm sleep.

For more information on our new weighted blanket, check out the best Best Cooling Blanket on our online store.

If this blanket looks as good as it does, it can also be used as a couch decoration. If you sweat chronically while sleeping, you should sweat less.

Take off your socks, and pajamas and try the Best Cooling Blanket: our hand-woven organic cotton blanket to stay cool while you sleep. If you get too hot, you can invest in a cooling mattress that maintains a lower temperature that helps you sleep well. A cool blanket and a cool mattress guarantee a long sleep. Don't forget to set the bedroom temperature slightly cooler than what is considered ideal for sleep.  Buy your new Best Cooling Blanket

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