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Weighted Blankets for pain management - Benefits

Weighted Blankets for pain management - Benefits - BETTER SLEEP - Canada's Premium Weighted Blanket

Oh my, so much tension and discomfort! That is a typical day in the life of every human being. 

We are suffering and missing out on living our most fulfilled lives as a result of poorly managed, lasting pain, which can range from back pain to headaches, arthritis to fibromyalgia. 

Weighted blankets are a popular warm remedy that many people are using as a kind of pain relief and defense. While we sleep, weighted blankets have the extraordinary potential to utilize therapeutic pressure to lessen discomfort and enhance our general health. 

Learn more about the science behind weighted blankets and how this inexpensive solution can help you permanently end your chronic pain. 

The Menace of Chronic Pain

We all experience pain in different ways and from diverse sources, making pain one of the most uniquely idiosyncratic conditions there is. Chronic pain can result from prior injuries, poor posture, bad habits, illnesses, misuse, or even stress. 

Chronic pain might eventually start to affect our quality of life if it is not treated. We experience poor sleep, and we experience concentration issues or brain fog at work. Chronic pain negatively impacts our emotional health as well; it makes us more stressed out and can even make us feel melancholy. 

Many people turn to the daily use of over-the-counter painkillers or expensive surgery to alleviate persistent pain. These interventions may be beneficial and even necessary in certain circumstances. However, there are some situations where there are safer, more natural alternatives to enhance your health and manage discomfort.  

How Do Weighted blankets  Help Relieve Pain? 

Using weighted blankets to manage chronic pain is one of the simplest, most relaxing ways to do it. According to research, Weighted Blankets for pain can significantly enhance and reduce a wide range of pain issues when used in conjunction with your other pain-relief methods.

1.  Improve sleep: 

Our bodies require deep sleep to effectively repair and regenerate. Your aches and pains will take longer to go away if you don't get enough sleep, and you run the danger of hurting yourself again. Over time, better sleep may result in reduced discomfort. 

When your pain truly keeps you from getting a good night's sleep in the first place, problems multiply. Not only are you denying yourself the rest and healing you so urgently need, but a bad night's sleep makes you more sensitive to pain. Weighted blankets can help you sleep more soundly, for longer periods, and with less pain so that you can awaken feeling relaxed and comfortable.


2.  Release tension:

Stress and anxiety from our hectic days can result in knotted muscles and stiff joints. This rigidity makes us more painful and may even put more strain on our bodies. Even when we are asleep, we can sometimes keep this tension in our bodies (ever woken up with a painful jaw from grinding your teeth all night?). 

You'll get instant relaxation as soon as you crawl under your weighted blanket. Your body and brain receive a signal from the weight of the blanket telling them it's time to unwind. Our mind and muscles are relaxed by the weighted blanket, enabling a full-body release.

3.  Reduce stress: 

Pain and stress are intimately related. Stress and pain are frequently correlated with one another. Stress reduction is one of the finest pain management strategies. It has been demonstrated that using a weighted blanket can lower stress, balance hormones, and promote improved mental wellness. We have a lot to gain by using weighted blankets to lessen pain. But how do they function? All of it boils down to a single, unique treatment procedure called deep touch pressure therapy.

4.  Deep Touch Pressure Therapy

Our plush, pain-relieving blankets are made using deep touch pressure therapy, according to science. According to research, DTP can be beneficial in a variety of ways, including lowering anxiety, enhancing sleep quality, and even preventing pain. 

It all boils down to hormone modulation with DTP. Our hormone production problems might frequently be the cause of our perception of pain, stress, and emotional imbalance. DTP assists us in achieving better balance and overcoming chronic pain in two key ways.

DTP reduces cortisol production

The major hormone responsible for our well-known stress response is cortisol. Cortisol aids in the "fight or flight reaction," which is how our bodies respond to stress. Although this response helps to keep us safe, when it is triggered in the course of our daily lives, it might cause some issues. This ongoing cortisol release causes a constant state of stress as well as a variety of health problems. 

Cortisol has a strong correlation with lower pain thresholds and greater pain sensitivity. As a result, more cortisol in the body causes more pain. Unfortunately, experiencing pain can release cortisol, starting a vicious cycle. 

Thankfully, DTP can break this pattern immediately. The body's cortisol production can be re-calibrated to more normal levels through deep contact. This lessens our heightened pain levels and also helps to relax us mentally. Less anxiety and discomfort = win-win!

 DTP enhances serotonin and oxytocin 

DTP not only lowers cortisol levels but also increases serotonin synthesis. Contrary to cortisol, serotonin increases make us feel nice, cheerful, and relaxed. We have a higher chance of getting better sleep and experiencing less stress when serotonin levels in the body are balanced.

Similar to other hormones, oxytocin also reduces pain and promotes a positive feeling. Given that it is released when we receive an affectionate hug or spend time with our loved ones, oxytocin is known as the "bonding" hormone. DTP imitates these feelings to boost oxytocin levels and lift our spirits. 

Depression heightened pain sensitivity, and general malaise is frequently associated with low serotonin levels. We continue this feel-good loop and let go of our pain and tension by naturally increasing our serotonin levels with DTP.


Relieve Pain By Sleeping With Better Sleep’s Weighted blanket

 There are several options available when it comes to pain alleviation. The treatments that are most effective for one individual may not have a significant impact on another since pain is a very unique experience. 

However, several characteristics are shared by those who have chronic pain, including excessive cortisol, low serotonin, and poor sleep. Weighted blankets from Better Sleep offer a simple, soothing, and natural approach to dealing with these problems and relieve your pain while you sleep. Try our Weighted Blankets for pain !

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